Restaurant La Brochette

La Brochette Restaurant

Variety of carte dishes. Set Menu - Paella Menu

Buffet libre La Brochette

Free Buffet

Discover our buffet, eat whatever you want. Starters, main dishes, drinks, desserts.

Special Groups

Special Groups

Special menus for groups. Capacity for 600 people.

Restaurant La Brochette

Restaurant - Buffet - Snack Bar

Perthus - Els Límits - La Jonquera - Girona - Catalonia - Spain

Restaurant La Brochette

The Restaurant


Variety of "a la carte" dishes.


Snack Bar


Breakfasts, paellas, fideuas, ...

snack bar

Buffet La Brochette



15€ free buffet with coffee


Restaurant free buffet La Brochette the perthus - Els Límits.

Restaurant La Brochette free buffet Perthus- Els Límits - La Jonquera - Girona - Catalonia - Spain.

Restaurant: free buffet restaurant la brochette el perthus ( Perpignan - France ) els limits la junquera, high emporda, girona, catalonia, spain. We suggest a personalized menu; make up the menu you wish and we will email / tell you the price we propose. There’s a car transfer service for people from the car park to the restaurant. Wide variety of "a la carte" dishes. Sarsuela, cod, paella, assorted grilled meats. Set menu – Paella menu. Music. Capacity for 600 people. Try our free buffet.

Snack Bar: Restaurant La Brochette free buffet Perthus, Els Límits, La Junquera, High Ampurdan, Gerona. In our café you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner where you can enjoy our fabulous cuisine. Breakfast. Set menú. A la carte dishes. Paellas and Fideuás. Vermicelli noodle paella Mixed, Valencia style, black rice, seafood, vegetarian, fideguay. Pizzas, Atuncrec, Crijiqueso, Crujirodeo, Crujiyork.

Buffet: Restaurant La Brochette free buffet Perthus, Els Límits, La Jonquera, High Emporda, Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Food made with fresh, quality products. Great variety of dishes, appetizers, main dishes, beverages, desserts, salads, meats, fish, etc.. Pleasant atmosphere. 15 EURO FREE BUFFET. Starters, main courses, drinks, dessert. All inclusive.

The Buffet Libre restaurant La Brochette, Els Limits, The Perthus is 33km from Perpignan (France).

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Restaurant La Brochette

Special Groups